What have you recently changed your mind about?

What’s something you recently changed your mind about?

Life should always leave us the room and the capacity to change our minds about something. We should be flexible enough to analyze new information in order to form a new opinion, even if it’s about something as simple as wine.

To recap, my guests’ answers were:

  • Where she is at in her life (career, relationships, etc.)
  • Her relationship
  • Letting her son take a gap year between high school and college if he wants to do that
  • Only drinking white wine
  • The source (and therefore cure) to her migraines

One thing I recently changed my mind about was the number of people in this country who think very differently than me. People who have different viewpoints and different needs. It made me determined to always have empathy and to remember that differences aren’t always obvious. We need to embrace our fellow inhabitants of this country because we’re very divided even though we probably agree on most things. Ideological differences can be very dogmatic and ingrained… and difficult for people to see past. But if we’re to move forward with this great democratic republic, we need to come together. I vow to spread love and to be an example to others.

This question and the others in this series are based on the book “Know Yourself” by Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst. Interested in knowing yourself better? Buy the book! And answer along with me.

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