What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day?

What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day?

Covid has changed the way we cheer ourselves up and even changed the reasons we need cheering up in the first place. Listen to my guests talk about how they currently cheer themselves up.

To recap, their answers were:

  • Give myself a small win
  • Take a long drive
  • Zone out with my phone (Facebook, games, cat videos)

I’ve been working pretty hard during this pandemic, and it’s been difficult trying to balance that hard work with the amount of socialization that makes me happy. I had just entered a relationship last year that had helped me break free from years of migraine cycles. We were being really active: going out dancing, bopping around at bars, eating at new restaurants. Then suddenly, it was all taken away.

The replacements I’m using right now don’t seem sustainable, but they are getting me by. One thing that always makes me feel better is sitting down in my living room with a warm cat in my lap. Libby is always there to cheer me up, and I know she can sense when I need her.

Another thing I can do is have a distanced drink or coffee with a friend. I have a small group of people I can count on to safely meet up with me. It’s painful as fuck not to be able to hug them, but just feeling their energy close to me is fuel.

A bike ride is a great way to get me in a better mood. I’ve found it’s impossible to be unhappy whilst riding a bicycle. The weather here in Florida is just getting pleasant/cool, so I see many more bike rides in my future.

And, of course, snuggles from my sweetheart can improve my mood. If we can get to giggling, it’s even better.

I hope you are finding things that cheer you up after a bad day during this pandemic.

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