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Members get access to exclusive discounts, members-only newsletter and podcast episodes, zoom meet-ups, online mixer experiences, solicitations for input on projects I’m working on, invitations to participate in social experiments, other perks, and, of course, the opportunity to support my work for all. Some of these benefits will begin when membership reaches a certain level (thereby giving me the extra time to dedicate to them).

You can join as a MONTHLY ($10/mo), ANNUAL ($100/yr) or LIFETIME ($1500) member.

2021 is the first year I’m embarking on this goal, and it’s scary! You can make it less scary and more fun for both of us if you support me by joining CRAZY SEXY MAGIC.

Get access to:

  • Members-only CRAZY SEXY MAGIC newsletter issues and archives
  • Members-only “co-working livestreams” during which I’m happy to chat and answer questions as we work together
  • Members-only podcast episodes
  • Members-only “Social Experiment” videos and archive
  • Quarterly members-only online mixer experience
  • Digital copies of my current booklets
  • Early access to books, merchandise and other creations
  • Invitations to participate in social experiments and brainstorming sessions
  • Other digital and physical goodies

Monthly members get a 10% discount code for my upcoming book SurlyChick and will get future discounts codes on any other physical books I offer in 2021. Annual or lifetime members get 25% discount on books. All members get 10% off merchandise other than books. Most members get the cost of membership back in discounts.

The plan for 2021 is to produce and release one book, several booklets and a card game. CRAZY SEXY MAGIC members will be notified first of these releases, and members will get discounts. Plus additional podcasts, livestreams, and more.

This membership program is, at its core, like a mini NPR — of course, there are perks, but the main reason to become a member should be because you value my quirky and insightful writing/creative style and want me to do more of it.

What gets made

Outside of the members-only perks outlined above, the membership program supports the production of the following newsletters, podcasts, and projects, all of which are available for free — for members and non-members alike. Sustainable funding of these projects is the impetus for this subscription program.

  • Crazy Sexy Magic weekly newsletters — personal essays and insights
  • Urban Mayhem Project monthly newsletter — books, design, photography, literature, bicycles, explorations, adventures
  • Coffee With Strangers podcast — stories about my social adventures, interviews along the way, other interesting stuff
  • Other forms of media on the Crazy Sexy Magic website and elsewhere

With the help of members’ subscriptions and feedback, together we will produce interesting and engaging works of literature and fun.

Why should I pay?

  1. You’re a fan of the content I produce.
  2. You believe in the mission of my creative work and want to help me grow Crazy Sexy Magic, Urban Mayhem Project and Coffee With Strangers.
  3. You want early access and a behind the scenes look at new creative works to come.
  4. You want to be a vital part of the expansion of my creative vision.
  5. You are a supporter of the arts in general and want to help amplify female voices.

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*Why are you asking for my shipping address when I pay? Because I will be randomly mailing weird things to various members.

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