Memoir: SurlyChick

I’m excited to announce my upcoming memoir, Surlychick: A Tale of Unrelenting Optimism. It’s the story of a girl discontent with mediocrity and searching for something more than her small-town life. Growing up in a small town can make the world feel very limited, even more so if you are a pessimist who drinks her weight in booze almost every day. Find out how and why I decided to take some risks to find out what else was out there beyond the edge of the North American continent.

“There would never be a good time. There was only now. I decided at that moment that I’d rather be broke on the streets of Europe than broke here in this town.”

From SurlyChick: A Tale of Unrelenting Optimism

Stay tuned for more information on when and where Surlychick: A Tale of Unrelenting Optimism will be available.

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