Current Projects

What’s a social experiment?

We are perfecting the art of the social experiment, and we invite you to participate. A social experiment is kind of like performance art in that you create a scenario and get the public involved. Check out our current social experiments below.

Social Experiment - Know Yourself

Know Yourself

This social experiment is a series of weekly questions based on a little book I recently purchased. Starting October 21, 2020, I am asking women questions from the book over Zoom in an effort to get them thinking about who they are and where they’re going. I’ll be recording the answers and compiling a weekly video to share on this website, YouTube and social media. You can join at any time. I just ask that you try to participate in 75-80% of the weekly sessions. You only have to stay for as long as it takes to answer the question. Sign up here to join in!

Want your own copy of the book? Buy it here.

Our Greatest Hopes

Our Greatest Hopes

This project is a viral website where people can submit their greatest hopes for the future and how they can be involved in manifesting those hopes. Please browse the site and contribute! You can inspire others with your contribution.

Visit the website

Secrets & Confessions

This project involves asking people to write their secrets and/or confessions down anonymously. I won’t look at any of the entries until the book is full. Once the book is full, I’ll be photographing and transcribing the entries into this website and onto Facebook. Who knows what amazing things we’ll find out together!

Coffee with Strangers

Actual coffee with actual strangers! Not only am I meeting up with strangers for caffeinated beverages, but I’ll be organizing meetups where strangers get together at coffee shops to meet and mingle. You’re going to want to be there.

Free Hugs

This is an ongoing project. It started with myself and a friend at the farmers market in 2015. It now involves my sweetheart and I in our “FREE HUGS” t-shirts roaming around the city.