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People who don't ask you questions

I’m so interesting

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t ask you questions about yourself. Take the time to find someone who is interested in you.
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Free Hugs

Everyone can use a hug

Everyone can use a hug, and free hugs are a great way to get and give hugs. For every hug you give away you get one back for free.
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Social distancing during the global coronavirus pandemic

This was not my plan

I’m in a newish relationship, and I had planned to have so much fun and excitement with my love. But now we are stuck in coronavirus hell.
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Don't be a douche

We’re all in this together, so don’t be a douche

I just attended one of the most amazing musical performances I have ever witnessed. It was The Indigo Girls playing with a full orchestra on the stage of the Mahaffey Theater here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Every song was a dramatic journey from start to finish. It was enchanting, and…
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Human Hotel

Taking social risks

Many things I do are cause for great consternation among my family members. For example: going to Europe by myself for several months, voluntarily giving up owning a car for several years, and online dating.
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Shining a light on your issues

Shining a light

If you are fortunate, someone will help shine a light on your truth so you can alleviate some of the pain in your life.
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